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About Us

Jordan Lumber & Supply, started in Mt. Gilead, North Carolina in 1939, has become one of the most respected mills on the east coast as well as one of the largest privately owned lumber companies in the country.  Jordan Forest Products in Barnesville, Georgia, purchased from Weyerhaeuser in 2004 has quickly established the same reputation for superior quality and service that is synonymous with the Jordan name. Currently operated by second and third generation family members Jordan Lumber has endured major change but their goal remains the same: “Our commitment is to provide customers with both the specialty and commodity forest products for their needs, combining superior quality with superior service.” - Bob Jordan, President


Progressive Innovation

With large investments in high-yield innovations, energy conserving technology and refined timberland strategies Jordan remains on the cutting edge of wood product manufacturing. Laser-scanning and snapshot optimization systems insure the highest yields. Our advanced zone-controlled, steam-fired dry kilns can accommodate specialty drying schedules, enabling us to condition and equalize lumber to meet customers’ most exacting specifications. High-speed grade-readers, both before and after the drying process give us the ability to separate any grade at any point. The result is dimensionally stable, attractive,wear-resistant pine, in grades that fulfill a wide range of applications for both the domestic and export markets.

Environmental Responsibility

As stewards of thousands of acres of company owned timberland throughout the central Carolinas, we promote the Best Management Practices set forth by the North Carolina Forestry Service. By replanting six times more trees than we harvest on company lands - more than 15 million trees planted since 1973 - Jordan Lumber creates resources for future generations while managing for multiple uses, such as recreation and wildlife. Our Landowner Assistance Program is a progressive reforestation and management partnership between private landowners and Jordan Lumber. Landowners receive the same professional forestry services and expertise as Jordan Lumber often at no charge.


Jordan Lumber & Supply | PO Box 98 - 1939 NC Hwy 109 S | Mount Gilead, NC 27306

Anson Wood Products, Inc. | Old Stanback Ferry Road | Wadesboro,NC 28170

Cotton Creek Chip Company, Inc. | 4483 Spies Road | Star, NC 27356

Laserwood, LLC | 402 Capel Street | Biscoe, NC 27209

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