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Jordan Quality Forest Products

For many years, trees were plentiful and were cut indiscriminately with no thought of the future. Today Jordan Lumber has taken an active role in protecting one of earth’s most valuable assets. By replanting more trees than we harvest, Jordan creates resources for future generations while managing for multiple uses, such as wildlife and recreation. Since 1973, more than 15 million trees have been planted on company land, and the number keeps growing and growing.

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Jordan Lumber & Supply | PO Box 98 - 1939 NC Hwy 109 S | Mount Gilead, NC 27306

Anson Wood Products, Inc. | Old Stanback Ferry Road | Wadesboro,NC 28170

Cotton Creek Chip Company, Inc. | 4483 Spies Road | Star, NC 27356

Laserwood, LLC | 402 Capel Street | Biscoe, NC 27209

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